In-home Counseling

Support seniors at risk of vulnerability or experiencing difficulties

We know that a large proportion of seniors live alone.

In a rural area like ours, a slight loss of autonomy, a breakdown in the family or social network, or changes in the services received by a senior can represent a significant risk to their safety and ability to remain in their home.

Our community worker is hired to identify seniors at risk of vulnerability, meet them at home and refer them to the best services for their needs

Talk to someone confidentially

1-855-662-4637 ext. 244

Intervention trajectory

The Outaouais Regional Roundtable’s Intervention Committee to Counter Mistreatment has created a tool to support workers and volunteers working with seniors in situations of mistreatment.

The pamphlet Intervention trajectory when you witness a situation of mistreatment of a senior in the Outaouais supports any intervention with the person based on three scenarios:

  • The person agrees to be accommodated
  • The person refuses the accompaniment
  • Person appears unfit

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